Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are the life vests patented and have all the appropriate certificates?

Our life vest products are either patented or patent pending. We current hold the EN ISO 12402-4 certification and will continue to pursue other required certifications such as the USCG certification. Here are pictures of our EN ISO 12402-4 certification:

2) Can we put our own brand on the life vests?

We are the manufacturers and patent holders. We allow customers such as airlines, cruise lines, and others to put their company logo on the product.

3) Can we design the life vest to include the desired features?

We can include any feature available in the marketplace. It can include but not limited to strobe lights, whistles, automatic inflators, reflective patches, and others. In addition to these features, we can custom tailor the vest according to customer specifications. It can include but not limited to long sleeves, short sleeves, no sleeves, custom colors, pockets, and others.

4) Is there a minimum quantity per order that must be met?

As manufacturers, we have minimum quantities that must be met. It can be discussed further and we can accommodate your projected volume depending on your target market.

5) Do you sell the products to end consumers?

We only sell to wholesalers, distributors, or large retailers at the moment. We have no immediate plans to retail our products.

6) How did the idea all started?

Aqua Life began its operation in 2010 with the concept of creating a life vest that everyone would love to wear. Our first thought was: “Why do people adore Apple products so much?” Sony came out with the first portable music player and the market was filled with numerous music players at that time, so why was the Ipod such a hit. Its popularity gave Apple the confidence to spawn many more industry changing inventions. It was not the functions. The Ipod had similar functions as other music players in the existing market place. It was not the brand. Apple was a computer company struggling just to stay afloat with years of stagnant sales during those years. To our company, the reason was the design. Apple created a product that was just outright "cool" to have. Everyone wanted one not because they needed one, but because it was "cool" to have one. The concept for our life vest products follow the same theory. Traditional life vests are bulky and no one wanted to put one on. Why not create a life vest that was "cool" so that everyone wanted to have one on. An Apple Ipod plays music. Not a necessity (unless you're a teenager). A life vest saves lives. It is a much more important device in comparison. Based on this theory, our company philosophy took shape: We aim to make all water activities safe again by having water sports enthusiasts want to wear their water safety wear.
















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